What is the significance of coding according to you and to be more specific, what about ruby on the rails?
Coding will consume all your energy and time once you have developed interest for it and that is the reason coders find themselves busy throughout their lives. Because, if a bug shows up they won’t be able to sleep until they figure out what actually is wrong with the code. Secondly, as technology is taking over the world with strong hands, every other day there is a new language showing up itself having their own pros and cons for a specific area and provides a huge list of benefits for the desired field. Consider web development for an instance, there is html on one hand that is made even better with CSS and JavaScript, and further you can add in Ajax and other scripts to meet your needs.
What has inspired you that served as the inception of the site?
Ruby in the Rails has found a lot of opportunities for web development and that is the reason it is considered a good option if you want to step in the field of web development. Ruby on the rails is actually getting a lot of preference over PHP, Python, NodeJS or GoLang nowadays because of the added benefits like, tooling, libraries, code quality, test automation, large community, productivity, popularity, etc. I am a developer and literally know very well of what a simple programming language can achieve but when this simplicity is taken to next level then there is a lot of things that you can achieve with coding. Each and every software that we use in your daily life has incorporated in itself some kind of coding that makes up its functionality and for web applications Ruby on the rails is a lot more sophisticated choice. Ruby technically also is a good scripting language that has overcome the problems of perl and python as it is designed for the programmer’s productivity. Talking about my own experience, I would say that Ruby is not a perfect language but it does have the added functionalities that make it far easier to work with and you are definitely going to fall in love with it once you get going with it.
What can we find in this site about ruby on the rails?
As for the particular site, Ruby on the Rails will be the core objective and thereby you will find and each and every information about Ruby in this site. It can be the advantages of using Ruby or the disadvantages of Ruby, or even it can be the listings of the top apps and sites that are developed after the incorporation of rails in them. You will also get to know about the inception and evolution of Ruby and how it all did took place in the history of programming languages. Apart from the theoretical stuff, you will also get to know about the tips and tricks that can add more the usability of coding with ruby on the rails; it certainly involves its syntax and explanation of its working. In short, if there is anything that you need to know about ruby you can get it here and in the event that you want to start learning ruby that too will be possible here.